About This Project


As artistic poetry, the installation is without a doubt one of the most wide forms of expression.

The contemporary work is volatile, ephemeral, it absorbs and builds the space around it, at the same time as it deconstructs.


The deconstruction of spaces, concepts and ideas is within the artistic practice of which the installation appropriates itself.


The creatives of AM EXPERIENCE invited BEHIND to install the “UNDER THE CHRISTMAS TREE” on the facade of an iconic building in the Portuguese capital, “Grandes Armazéns do Chiado” restaured by the architect Álvaro Siza Vieira.


The piece was installed strategically above the main entry door of the building, assuming a central position according to the metric used on the facade.

Turning it into the heart of the Christmas theme and its surrounding.

The piece has a variety of sound and lighting system that serve as limelight on different moments of performance: concerts, presentations, selfie spot, etc.


The base of the tree has a screen where not just information of relevance is transmitted but also serves as broadcast for a solidarity campaign. While streaming live, the image of different users of the building, that for each hug given live, activate a choreography of lights and sent a donation to a charity institution.